Weekly Chakra Balancing—online

Please join me for our weekly practice: Chakra Balancing. You can join at this link:

Fridays at 6 pm (Mountain Daylight Time US) through June 28th.


Treat yourself to this essential energy practice. This is my go-to exercise for when I feel scattered, overwhelmed, lethargic, or otherwise out of balance.

You don’t need to know anything about chakras, though if you do, you’ll appreciate how the imagery in the chakra balancing routine works. You don’t even need to believe in chakras; you’ll receive the benefits all the same.

You just need to show up and be willing to relax and listen to a guided meditation for about 20 minutes. Your short commitment will leave you feeling calmer and more in charge of your life. You’ll be able to release any built-up stress or static and free your mind/body to engage more healthfully and authentically with life.

The benefits of relaxation and stress management are well documented. And Dr. Michael Rossman, in his book, Guided Imagery for Self-Healing, says that guided imagery is so effective for healing that if it were a drug, physicians would be losing their licenses for NOT using it.
Possible benefits of this chakra balancing include:
• Serenity
• Improved circulation and sense of vitality
• Improved mental focus
• Uplifted mood
• Better sleep

Wrap up your workweek with this gift to yourself. Jump into your weekend with a renewed sense of energy and power.

Join us one time or every week as we meet on zoom for this powerful practice. You'll receive the link to the zoom call when you RSVP.

Book Launch and Reading

The authors of Dust Up: An Anthology by New Mexico Writers will be on hand Saturday, June 8th from 1 to 230 pm to tantalize you with brief readings and to sign your copy of Dust Up.

Beastly Books, 418 Montezuma, Santa Fe, NM.

Stop by and make sure you say hello.