Who the Heck is Sue and Why Should I Care about What’s in Her Mind?

Great Question.

It might not seem that somebody with a name as traditional—even boring—as Sue could have anything interesting going on. But here are some reasons you may want to pay attention.

I’ve been an oddball for as long as I can remember. Not in an “oh, poor me” way. Trust me, like almost everyone, I’ve had my fair share of self-pitying episodes. But my sense of oddballness comes more from a weird and—for me—inescapable habit of experiencing my world more as an observer than as a participant. This habit of observation leads most people to comment that they love the way I think. (Either that or they stare blankly at me and change the subject!)

Being observational doesn’t mean that I don’t feel my world. What it does mean is that I can’t help studying my own reactions. I can’t help seeing interpersonal and energetic patterns. I can’t help asking deeper and deeper questions about what happens inside and around me. I can’t help seeking the kernels of truth in the creative chaos of the world.

In Inside Sue’s Mind, I want to share my thoughts about how things work: the world, relationships, love, and spirituality because I see so many people around me suffering needlessly. With simple shifts of perspective, the world feels much safer, more stable, and much more loving and beautiful. I want to share some of what I have observed, and what I am still discovering about why we humans are here, where we are going, and what it all means because I see people I care about becoming upset and ill or being lost in a web of confusion and depression instead of reveling in the amazing miracle of being human. And, I just may share some of the mystical experiences I have had that have shaped my thinking.

If you are on your own personal growth journey or spiritual path, I am eager to connect, to converse, and to play in the playground that is Inside Sue’s Mind.

As an example, here’s an image I recently collaborated on with the talented Toby Bryan that illustrates one way I see the consciousness of a human being. There will be more to come.

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I am an Evolutionary and a Quantum Activist. I am committed to supporting the evolution of humanity through the principles and practices of Self-Realization.